Where do I get technical support?

First up just double check that the manual doesn't give any clues. Next stop, particularly if you're having installation/registration problems with Reaktor Player or Native Access there's a huge knowledge base on the Native Instruments website here. You can also contact Native Instruments about installation of Made for Reaktor Player products such as SLOO. If the product itself is doing something wonky then drop a line to support@timexile.com. I process support requests between 10am and 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday and aim to reply within 2 business days.

Can I use these products with the free Reaktor Player by Native Instruments?

SLOO and SLOR are compatible with the free Reaktor Player 6.2. FLOWs, SLOW and The Mouth Interactive EP are compatible with Reaktor Player in demo mode only. In demo mode Reaktor Player gives you 30 minutes each time you use it before its audio output is muted. You also won't be able to save your work. But you CAN record the audio output of whatever you do. I try to make things that are performance oriented and give quick results so 30 minutes should be enough time to get some good results from them in Reaktor Player. If you want full unlimited functionality you will need to purchase a full licence of Reaktor 6 here

Can I use these products with Reaktor 5?

No unfortunately not. They were made in Reaktor 6 and take advantage of much of the amazing technology which Native Instruments packed into Reaktor 6. Things built in Reaktor 6 are not backwards compatible with Reaktor 5 - and alas I won't be porting any of these products to Reaktor 5. It would take forever and I personally think it's best to spend that time making new cool things. I'm afraid I'm fairly inflexible on that point!!

Can I get a refund?

If you don't like a product that you have paid for you can have a refund any time within 14 days of the date of your purchase, subject to the Native instruments licence key deregistration process. The steps for this process are pending confirmation from Native Instruments. Once I have confirmation from Native Instruments that your license key has been deactivated in Native Access I can issue you with a refund. Refunds after the 14 day period are not possible.

If the price of a product you purchased has been reduced within 7 days of your purchase you may claim a refund for the price difference within the 7 days period from the date of your purchase.

Can I modify the .ens file?

Made for Reaktor Player ensembles are not editable. Free products which aren't Made fro Reaktor Player (Slow, FLOWs, The Mouth EP) are editable. If you're making something for your own personal use then yes by all means, I strongly encourage it! I apologise in advance for the spaghetti. It's not intentional. 

Can I share the .ens file or anything I've derived from it to make my own ensembles?

No, unfortunately not. I would dearly love to live in a world where we've surpassed transactional relationships - in fact I very much aspire to do what I can to bring about a world like that. But we're not there yet and with us humans being prone to silliness as we are - me very much included - I need to put some boundaries in place. And this is one of them. All the other boundaries are outlined in the License Agreement and Terms and Conditions. For the sake of clarity they're not written in an affable vernacular like this but on the upside it makes all the boundaries you agree to respect when you buy one of the products nice and clear.