April Foooooools! 

Reverse delay as a plugin will be physically impossible until someone figures out how to do time travel from within a DAW. I do my best to make the coolest stuff I can imagine but I still haven't managed to hack the laws of physics...

If you want to get this time-travelling effect you can do it in non-realtime inside your DAW. 

  1. Record your source sound as an audio track. If you're using a VSTi you need to commit, freeze or bounce the output signal to an audio track
  2. Reverse the audio you recorded
  3. Add a delay, reverb or granular effect plugin as an insert on the reversed audio channel
  4. Commit, freeze or bounce the reversed audio channel to a new audio file
  5. Re-reverse the recording of the reversed audio

This will give you the classic reversed FX sound. To add flavour try using different plugins and settings or adding automation to the plugin before you commit and re-reverse.

There's also loads of other free stuff here for messing around with sound and music. None of it does time travel but most of it is free and will help you get lost in sound, have fun and make music.

Here's a video about the reverse FX technique which you can do in any DAW (video by someone else, not me!).

Have a joyous and prosperous April!