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FLOWs is an algorithmic loop sequencer packed with 1GB+ of royalty-free loops meticulously curated from improvised jams on my Flow Machine from the last 5 years. Explore, mutate and create sonic structures with audio-reactive sculpting and stochastic modulation. Or let it play and zone out to the visualiser: it's for makers and listeners alike.

It's FREE - because love. You can make a donation if you also feel the love :)

- Layer and cross-modulate up to 4 loops at once with filters and envelopes that follow the sonic imprint of each loop.

- Switch between loops mid-way without losing sync. Modulate loop switching with random and cyclical LFOs.

- Layer multiple loops without phase distortion and clashing bass using Clearsum.

You'll need to grab a copy of Native Instruments' Reaktor Player to run it. There are instructions for how to do this in the included manual. If you want to save your changes or use it for more than 30 minutes at a time you will need to buy a full Reaktor licence.

Listen and watch some of the presets